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  Peter Hofer Special Set of Five Shotguns  

Peter Hofer Set of Five Shotguns with Sidelocks

A unique, fantastic set of five shotguns
shotgun in caliber 12/12
shotgun in caliber 20/20
shotgun in caliber 28/28
side by side shotgun in caliber .410/.410
over and under shotgun in caliber .410/.410

Peter Hofer Set of Five Shotguns with Sidelocks

Out of the full material we made the sidelock actions for each of the shotguns of our set of five shotguns. The actions of the five shotguns are scaled from the 12/12 right down to the .410/.410 caliber shotgun according to the respective calibers.

System Peter Hofer sidelock with catchbar and double underlug lock. Multi-level reciever patterns accentuate the elegant lines of this shotgun. Fine ejector fore-end, special construction as fore-end push piece
The easy handling and delicacy of this fine shotgun will give you and future generations much pleasure with every shot fired.

Custom-made stock: For this set of five we were able to find five stock blanks from the same piece of highest quality burl wood. The stocks were scaled in dimension according to the caliber of the shotgun and are made of very fine-pored walnut burr. The technical parts were fitted into the increasingly small space inside the stock.

Engraving: Each of the five shotguns features a different bird. The typical feathers of the featured bird is engraved in relief on the top of the action, on the top lever and on the metal parts of the fore end. The concept is the same for all the shotguns of the set, the type of feather featured is different on every gun. The main engravings show wild bird scenes featuring the specific bird. There is a different bird and different scenes on each shotgun, but the five shotguns clearly show a common concept.

The usual ornamental engraving has been dropped. The typical Peter Hofer landscape scenes are also engraved with the specific birds. The basic design of the composition can be recognized throughout the set.

Handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Design and engravings protected by law


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