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  Peter Hofer Fracassi Single Shot Rifle  

Peter Hofer Fracassi High Power Rifle
Caliber 6.5x57R

I would like to say a few words by way of introduction, before describing this rifle in more detail.

Every profession has its crowning glory, a degree of perfection not to be surpassed. A case in point is the Swiss watchmaker Blancpain, whose seventh masterpiece was the magnificent culmination of the first six. And thus I believe this rifle represents the pinnacle of my creative powers so far.

History shows us that many masterpieces are often only recognized as such after the artists' deaths. For that reason, the words "at the height of my powers" may sound somewhat arrogant for a young gunsmith. But believe me, maintaining the excellent quality of my rifles was and always will be a goal close to my heart and instilled in the hearts of my team.

So, many years ago, we began working on the rifle you see before you today. It took nine and a half long years to complete this masterpiece and I can state with pride and confidence that at most you will see an equally marvelous work of art by me but hardly anything superior. In this rifle, technical excellence and artistic endeavor are combined to create the ultimate rifle.

The Bulino engravings by the world's best engraver, together with my work, are almost beyond belief. Around 16,000 man hours went into making this rifle so that you and tha generations to come can admire this work of art. Indeed, the mastery of this rifle speaks for itself.

Firmo Fracassi selected the mythological scenes. On the left hand side he portrayed Acteon watching Diana, the Goddess of Hunting, bathing. Acteon was then punished for this by being turned into a stag and was torn to pieces by his own hunting dogs. On the right hand side Fracassi again depicted Diana, this time punishing Callisto by transforming her into a bear for breaking her vows of chastity. The lower side shows Diana with the sleeping Endymion and an angel, as well as the finest ornamental engravings ever made using the Bulino technique. Several more angels round off this masterpiece.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.
Engraving by Firmo Fracassi.


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