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  Big game double barrel rifle  

Peter Hofer big game double barrel rifle
Calibre 470 NE

Life insurance and a constantly appreciating investment!

All too often people economize in the wrong places. Hunting dangerous game on foot at close range with an unsuitable rifle is just one example. A few seconds later and it may well be too late to pose fundamental questions on the value, purpose and chances of survival.

Safaris are always dangerous. But with a double-barrel rifle, the odds of surviving are somewhat better. What matters is not the price of the gun, but the value of your life.

The double-barrel rifle you see here has not only been handcrafted to perfection but also exquisitely engraved to produce a superlative work of art.

The main engravings consist of a rhinoceros scene on the right hand side, a buffalo scene on the left and an elephant scene on the underside. The relief work is deeply engraved in the steel and finished with a special shading technique, otherwise only used for Bulino engravings.

The result is a unique African scene, reproduced in finest detail all round the rifle.

Very fine scoring, similar to the Bulino technique, brings to life the animals so typical of the African bush, such as leopards, antelopes, ostriches, gazelles, monkeys, lions, zebras, tree vipers, giraffes, vultures, pepper birds, cormorants and crocodiles.

Our rifles are perfectly complemented by stylish, made-to-measure accessories which surpass our customers' wildest dreams. The luxury leather guncase, containing all tools and fittings, carefully built by hand using the same 800-year-old walnut burr as for the rifle stock.

In times to come, we hope the descendants of today's owner will still appreciate his - choice and our pride at having created such a masterpiece.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.


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